Green Entrepreneurial Leadership Institute (GEL-IN)

Sustainable Business Ventures (formerly Kentucky Student Ventures Corporation) teamed with Hardin County Public Schools and the Lincoln Trail Innovation Center in response to an RFP from Lincoln Trail Area Development District for a Summer Youth Program called “Green Entrepreneurial Leadership Institute (GELIN).” This is also a “green” program with an expanded scope focus on leadership and entrepreneurship. A teacher/green team coach worked with up to five teams of five economic disadvantaged youth in each of their eight counties. The 16-24 year-old youth participants participated in an entrepreneur boot camp—each youth participant received basic training in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and QuickBooks. The youth participants were paid $7.25 per hour for thirty-hours a week for seven weeks. This program was funded by ARRA federal stimulus. The team with the best plan was awarded a laptop and a Lexmark Printer. This Project is funded through the Lincoln Trail Workforce Investment Board and the U.S. Department of Labor.

Green Entrepreneurial Leadership Institute (GEL-IN) Competition
Event Speakers – click here
Lisa Williams, GEL-IN Project Co-Manager & Director of Innovation Center;
Nannette Johnston, Superintendent Hardin County Schools;
Kim Huston, Chair, Lincoln Trail Workforce Investment Board;
Helen Mountjoy, Secretary, Kentucky Education and Workforce Development Cabinet;
Bobby Clark, GEL-IN Project Co-Manager & President, Sustainable Business Ventures Corporation (formerly Kentucky Student Ventures Corporation)

Business Plan Judges: 
Jim Fugate, President, Wind Energy Corporation; Ann Randolph, Policy Advisor, Kenutcky Department of Energy Development and Independence (DEDI); Phil Berger, Policy Advisor, Office of Lt. Governor; Helen Mountjoy, Secretary, Kentucky Education and Workforce Development Cabinet; Dr. Will Clouse, Western Kentucky University, Director Center for Enterpreneurship;  Ben Jennings, Kentucky Science & Technology Corporation (KSTC); Jan Hedgepeth, Treasurer, Salt River RECC; Maxine Rudder, Education Director, Bluegrass Pride (Now Bluegrass GreenSource); and Tim Gossett, Meade County RECC.

Video Team Presentations
Breckinridge County – click here
Grayson County – click here
Hardin County – click here
LaRue County – click here
Marion County – click here
Meade County – click here
Nelson County – click here
Washington County – click here

GEL-IN: Best of County Competitions

Team Presentations and Business Plans
Hardin County – Bluegrass
• Best of County Competition (July 24, 2009) – Video
• Green Rangers – “Green can be extreme when we work as a team” (Presentation – Business Plan)
• Park Promoters – “Plant a tree save a life” (PresentationBusiness Plan)
• Team Verde – “Green Office Certified” (PresentationBusiness Plan)
• The Sod Squad – “Green lawn care business and home compost bin” (Presentation – Business Plan)

Hardin – New Highland
• Best of County Competition (July 24, 2009) – All Hardin County videos are part of the video link above
• Rain Savers – “We had re-sources in the past, lets save them so they’ll last” (PresentationBusiness Plan)
• Simply Green – “Zoom: Green on the move” (PresentationBusiness Plan)
• Team Energy Audit (TEA) – “The less you burn, the more you earn” (PresentationBusiness Plan)
• The Green Monkeys – “Restating the state” (PresentationBusiness Plan)

Nelson County
• Best of County Competition (July 24, 2009) – Video
• Triple R – “Maid to Clean” (PresentationBusiness Plan)
• Eco-express – “Cleaning up the environment fast and friendly” (Presentation – Business Plan)
• I keep it green – “Keeping it green one neighborhood at a time” (PresentationBusiness Plan)
• Green Team – “Get on our team” (Presentation – Business Plan)
• Green Bo ray – “Our mission is to clean the planet” (Presentation – Business Plan)

Washington County
• Best of County Competition (July 24, 2009) – Video
• EcoCentrics – “Put heart in art… Recycle” (PresentationBusiness Plan)
• The Green Machines – “Don’t be mean, go green.” (PresentationBusiness Plan)

Meade County
• Best of County Competition (July 24, 2009) – Video
• The Hulk – “Reducing the power” (PresentationBusiness Plan)
• The Celtics – “Dare to care” (PresentationBusiness Plan)
• Super Green – “When the going gets tough, the tough goes green” (PresentationBusiness Plan)
• The Green Machine – “E-Cycling to be green” (PresentationBusiness Plan)

Marion County
• Best of County Competition (July 24, 2009) – Video
• Dangles – “Creating and recycling jewelry line” (PresentationBusiness Plan)
• The Gainas – “Implement a seasonal community garden” (PresentationBusiness Plan)
• Home Makeover, The Green Edition – “Develop ways to do more green recycling” (Presentation – Business Plan)
• Park – “Develop an eco-friendly children’s park” (PresentationBusiness Plan)
• Dadons – (Presentation – Business Plan)

Breckinridge County
• Best of County Competition (July 24, 2009) – Video
• Transformers – “Transforming the world one place at a time” (PresentationBusiness Plan)
• New Light – “Lighting up the city with energy efficiency” (PresentationBusiness Plan)

LaRue County
• Best of County Competition (July 24, 2009) – Video
• Infinite Energy – “Save energy, Save the world” (PresentationBusiness Plan)
• Running River – “Saving money, one kilowatt at a time” (PresentationBusiness Plan)

Grayson County
• Best of County Competition (July 24, 2009) – Video
• The Water Boyz – “Rain water tanks won’t break the bank” (PresentationBusiness Plan)
• The Green Guard – “Be clean go green… Their habitat is our habitat” (PresentationBusiness Plan)