KY Entrepreneur Hall of Fame

Kentucky Entrepreneur Hall of Fame

The Kentucky Entrepreneur Hall of Fame (KEHOF) is a virtual destination that shares and celebrates the stories of Kentucky’s most successful entrepreneurs (

The purpose of KEHOF is to raise awareness of the impact that entrepreneurship has made in the Commonwealth and encourage others to pursue similar ambitious endeavors.

The KEHOF was started in 2010 by Awesome, Inc. and Sustainable Business Ventures Corporation.

Check out the videos of the 2017 Induction Ceremony:

(1) Full Ceremony 1:41:21
(2) Robert Trussell 14:39
(3) Kent Oyler 7:03
(4) Colonel Sanders  18:03
(5) Carrie Smith 13:57

In addition to the annual Hall of Fame ceremonial event, the KEHOF also supports two programs that provide resources to future generations of entrepreneurs.

The KEHOF Scholarship Fund – This fund is used to support entrepreneurial students throughout the state. Preference is given to students that are currently pursuing an entrepreneurial endeavor of their own.

The Awesome Fellowship Program – This program helps launch 5-10 companies per year by providing early stage startups with critical resources such as free office space, access to mentors (including the HOF inductees), and access to free technical talent.


2010 Ky Entrepreneur Hall of Fame Ceremony – Videos
Jim Host, Host Communications: click here
Warren Rosenthal, Long John Silvers, Jerry's Restaurant: click here
Governor John Y Brown, Jr., Kentucky Fried Chicken: click here
W.T. Young, W.T. Young Foods, Overbrook Farm: click here
Lee Todd, Projectron, DataBeam: click here
Dr. Pearce Lyons, Alltech: click here
John Schnatter, Papa Johns: click here
Ralph G. Anderson, Belcan: click here
Davis Marksbury, Exstream Software: click here

2011 Ky Entrepreneur Hall of Fame Ceremony – Videos
Dana Bowers, iPAY Technologies: click here
Bill Samuels, Maker's Mark: click here
Kent Taylor, Texas Roadhouse: click here
David Jones Sr., Humana: click here
Wendell Cherry, Humana: click here

2012 Ky Entrepreneur Hall of Fame Ceremony – Videos
Ron Geary, Rescare: click here
Bruce Lunsford, Vencor, Ventas: click here
Terry Forcht, Forcht Group: click here

2013 Ky Entrepreneur Hall of Fame Ceremony – Videos
R.J. Corman, RJ Corman Railroad Group: click here
George Fischer, Metridate Computer & Servend International: click here
Bill Gatton, Bill Gatton Motors: click here
Billy Harper, Harper Industries: click here 

2014 Ky Entrepreneur Hall of Fame Ceremony – Videos
James Booth, Booth Energy Group: click here
Ulysses Lee "Junior" Bridgeman, Bridgeman Foods, Inc.: click here
Chris Sullivan, Outback: click here
John A. Williams, Sr., Computer Services, Inc.: click here

2015 Ky Entrepreneur Hall of Fame Ceremony – Videos
George Garvin Brown, Brown Forman: click here
Jim Patterson, Pattco LLC: click here
Jim Thornton, Thortons: click here
Phil Greer, Greer Comanies, Cheddars: click here

(l-r) Brian Raney, Junior Bridgeman, George Fischer,
Billy Harper, Bill Samuels, Dana Bowers,
Gov. John Y Brown, Jr., Jim Host and Bobby Clark


(l-r) Joe Williams, Governor's Office, Brian Raney,
George Fischer, Bruce Lunsford, Ron Geary,
Gov. John Y Brown, Jr., Jim Host and Bobby Clark