Southeastern Correctional Institution

Southeastern Correctional Institution (SCI) launched the Ohio Green Prison Project, a partnership of the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction (ODRC) and the Vera Institute of in 2010 to focus on environmental literacy and green job training to prepare inmates for a range of sustainability-related jobs. SCI, the Vera Institute partnered with Sustainable Business Ventures (SBV) submitted a grant application to the Ohio Environmental Education Fund (OEEF) to pilot our Green Entrepreneur Program. OEEF awarded the contract and in April 2012, twenty-nine inmates were selected to participate in this innovative program. The participants were trained over four months the basics of entrepreneurship and were provided technical assistance to develop business plans with a green or sustainability focus. The inmate participants learned about Life Skills; Financial Literacy; Idea Generation; Business Concepts; Elevator Pitches; Business Plan Orientation; Accounting Bookkeeping; Financials; Introduction to Business Operations; Legal and Human Resources; and Business Plan Development. Entreprenurship provides critical-thinking, problemsolving, team building and other valuable job skills. On July 16, 2012, seventeens participants graduated and pitched their business plan to judges.


Presentation in the Green Entrepreneur Program – Video: Kurt

Green Entrepreneurship Course Description

1. Entrepreneurship Introduction and Overview
     a.  Definition of an entrepreneur
     b.  Traits of an entrepreneur
     c.   Green Entrepreneurship & Small Business Startup Overview
     d.   Success stories and strategies (success stories will include green examples)
     e.   Common mistakes
     f.    Myths about starting a business
     g.   Current market trends
2. Brainstorming, Mentors, Goals, and Networking
     a.  Passion Exploration
     b.  Brainstorming
     c.  Mentors
     d. Time management
     e. Goal Setting
     f.  Networking
     g. Banking & Financial Literacy
     h. Basic Environment Literacy
3. Social Media and e-Commerce
     a. Social Media
      b. e-Commerce
4. Sustainability, Green Practices, and Environment Issues
     a. Basic Environmental Literacy
     b. Sustainability
     c. Triple Bottom Line
     d. Corporate Social Responsibility
     e. Green Marketing
     f.  Social Entrepreneurship
5. Elevator Pitches
     a. Green Business Owner Elevator Pitch
     b. Examples of Good and Bad Elevator Pitches
     c. Critical elements of a successful elevator pitch
6. Business Plan Basics
a. Executive Summary
1. Mission Statement
2. Vision Statement
b. Company Description
     c. Market Analysis & Market Research
d. Organization, Management HR & Legal
e. Marketing & Sales Management
     f.  Service or Product Line (focus on Green and Sustainability)
     g. Funding Request
     h. Financials
      i. Appendix