Paul Medcalf

Board Member

Paul is a faith based, door opening, expert networker with connections around the world. He started his global business administration & management education with studies at the U of Evansville IN, ISUE, Syracuse University & the Defense Language Institute (as a Russian linguist through the USAFSS and the NSA over 6 years in the Vietnam War Era.) He earned his first Business degree from the ISUE in 1982 and his second one from USI in 1986.

The Bucyrus Erie (B-E) Company, Plant Engineering,  was the first industry he joined after leaving the Air Force in 1974. During 8 years there he grew into Shipping Supervision and finally Manager of Parts Sales. When the company closed during a recession, he opted not to relocate his family to Erie PA and instead joined Westinghouse Electric Sales for 5 years. When friends from B-E grew to love the 100 year old Faultless Caster company also in Evansville, he responded to their invitation to join them and moved into their proud tradition of material handling, covering major accounts such as Rubbermaid, Snap On Tool, IBM, US Government etc.

After more than two decades of work in the material handling arena as a global upper level corporate executive (first at FKI plc of England's Faultless and Rhombus Germany/Malaysia Caster Divisions as Managing Director, then with Standex International as their VP/GM over the Canadian Operations of Jarvis/Can Am/Wellington Industries and finally as President of S. Korean based Trio Pines.

Paul also started his own businesses in related fields that allowed him to eventually discover and concentrate his entrepreneurial passions on both Social Entrepreneurship and Energy related consulting of all types, from alternative fuels, to solar, hydro and nuclear etc.

Work in those areas with everyone from billionaires to bums, has filled his life with the joy of helping others find their own sustainability and personal satisfaction.

Paul has co-founded or nurtured several not for profit organizations, corporations and other entities while also mentoring individuals returning to society from incarceration. One example is CEO (Churches Embracing Offenders) of Evansville where he networked in 2005 to grow their impact by moving the mission from a small house located in a challenging area of town, across the Lloyd Expressway in Evansville to the north side of that highway running through the center of town, into totally renovated, energy efficient quarters with 250,000 sq ft of usable space- all at no expense to the mission. By connecting the dots to USI PhD professors, regional, state and national corrections etc., CEO is now a most favored outreach by the IDOC Commissioner Bruce Lemmon and is serving in many locations providing some of the lowest recidivism programs in the nation.

Along with helping create Indiana's IDOC Strategic Plan, Paul became involved with more and more corrections related endeavors. With some inspired friends, they founded the southern Indiana chapter of Kairos Prison Ministry International. Starting with Branchville Correctional near Tell City IN they have grown since 2006 into also serving Wabash Correctional near Terre Haute and still bring the joys of the 4th day community inside the prison walls during the year.

After the killer tornado of November 2005 hit SW IN, he co founded CJ's Bus Foundation the next year with others including Kathryn & John Martin, parents of 2 year old CJ whose life was taken so tragically. With community donations from so many sources, they built a unique bus that provided free child care for children in disasters across the Midwest. Our efforts led to also testifying before State of Indiana Disaster Committees in order to mandate that emergency radios must be installed in mobile homes sold in IN. CJ's Law was adopted and helps provide early weather warnings now, especially needed for that housing segment, but also to all.

Famous figures all across the USA, including the 9/11 group, New York Says Thank You, embraced and honored CJ's Bus with numerous national awards. Now that CJ's parents have had twins and new careers, the bus has been donated for remodeling and use by St Mary's Hospital, part of Ascension Health, with dedication ceremonies in December 2015.

His work with CAJE (Congregations Aligned for Justice and Empowerment)  pulled together almost every church in the Evansville IN Tristate area for common goals. CAJE helped Warrick County to start up new bus service (WATS) that connects to Evansville based METS. The next step Paul is doing now is to bring about cleaner, alternative fueled transportation to his area.

With other team members he completed the 3 year HUD $1.2 million planning grant called for three counties in Indiana and Kentucky, and then, the WNIN/PBS Healthy Air- Healthy Communities CMAQ DOT grant providing 24 half hour, environmentally friendly educational videos for those communities. 

Paul continues working today to improve his communities. Since 2010 he has served as the Indiana Director of Sustainable Business Ventures- (SBV) a not for profit 501 c3, improving lives  & corporations by enhancing their sustainability. He is often asked to speak in various university business classes to explain how to connect the dots “on purpose”, with a focus on entrepreneurism. SBV and Paul recently subcontracted with the EPA via (part of the Dept of Energy) to oversee $440,000 of settlement funds to be used in grants that reduce diesel emissions in the Spencer County IN area. This work is part of the national effort to lower the amount of oil purchased from OPEC, while also reducing vehicle emissions.

Paul is eager to engage in conversations leading to the exploration of opportunities that matter. Call or text him at 812 629 1287 or email