Who Owns the the Ice House Comments

Comments about SBV Ice House Reading & Discussion Sessions

I can speak very highly about the work being done by SBV. I participated in the Who Owns the Ice House Sessions and it was one of the most empowering books I have ever read. I think anyone from eastern KY could easily relate to Mr. Taulbert's experiences growing up in the Mississippi Delta. Who Owns the Ice House is a very engaging book and it was nice to have a cohort of others to share thoughts and reactions with. Perhaps the most beneficial part of the series is learning about the Opportunity Discovery Canvas and using the tool to think like an entrepreneur.
Colby Kirk, Executive Director
One Harlan County

The “Who Owns the Ice House” cohort was a real game changer! The pragmatic lessons were thought provoking, but easy to put into practice. I also enjoyed hearing from my group members as they shared their unique anecdotes and perspectives.I would recommend the Ice House cohort for anyone who is looking to get inspired!
Brooke Stansbury, Kindergarten Readiness Ambassador
Save the Children


The Entrepreneurial Learning Initiative's Ice House (Original Edition) is designed for broad application in corporate, higher education, high school, youth programs, or workforce development audiences. 

Mindset - Ice House Entrepreneurship Program (2:59 minutes)

"I’ll admit that going into this class I was just coming out of a very dark place. However, I believe this class is the cause of a big turnaround for me and has brought me back into academics with a new, more positive light…I have a drive now to get my degree and a better idea of where I want to go when I have it. The fact that this entire class was focused on changing my mindset has kept me in not just for this class but all of my other ones as well. " 

Corey, Student, Pikes Peak Community College 
"If you are interested in starting a business, the book makes it easy, but for people who are not interested in starting a business, there are so many messages in the book that are easy and so impactful. Reading a book about someone who is marginalized and who has grown beyond it, is a message that everyone can benefit from." 
Melissa Marts, Executive Director, Women’s Resource Agency 

"The eight life lessons Taulbert and Schoeniger describe are timeless examples of the power of entrepreneurship to overcome adversity and achieve independence, regardless of one’s circumstances." 
Carl J. Schramm, President & CEO, Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation 


Prison Case Study - After Prison Ex-offenders Comments

(1) "I learned from Uncle Cleve in the book that I could discover greater opportunities while in motion. So, I took the first job that was offered when I got out of prison and I looked for other opportunities as I worked. I overheard a customer talking about a job that had just opened at a much better paying location. After work, I went to that location. I was the first to apply and was hired."

(2) The pursuit ultimately resulted in them recognizing opportuni-ties for full-time employment. For instance, an ex-offender told a story of how he made a commitment when he was released from prison to read the daily newspaper and peruse the Internet for current issues to become a “lifelong learner.” While waiting in line to submit a job application, he picked up a newspaper that was in the store lobby. He noted that before taking the Ice House course, he would have never had simply read a newspaper to pass time. While reading the paper, he saw a story about a housing development that was new in town. According to the ex-offender, “I saw the announcement as an opportunity [emphasis added]. I got out of line, drove to the hous-ing development and presented myself as reformed. They hired me 2 days later.”